A Very Respectable Place Indeed!

Patrick H. McCann


Patrick H. McCann, who held the lease for the rebuilt Mount St. Vincent’s Hotel, 1885-1890, did not get his lease renewed in 1890. When called to testify before the investigating committee of State Sen. Jay Fassett, he explained why.

Mayor Hugh Grant

Mayor Hugh Grant

Mayor Hugh Grant, Tammany leader Richard Croker, Excise Commissioner Leicester Holme, and other Tammany Hall regulars expected to receive free entertainment at the new hotel, and McCann would have none of it. He told Grant to stay away from the restaurant, Grant told Croker, and soon they were disparaging it as a den of lowlifes.

Quoth McCann, from the New York Times:

Richard Croker

Richard Croker

“…they have used every effort to cripple my business ever since. Grant individually told Croker that nobody went there but Jews and loose women. Leicester Holme has said as much and even more. But that is absolutely false. The character of the patrons of the place is of the very highest. Men with their families, the young and old people in parties, all of well-known and respectable people go there.” (NYT, April 26, 1890)

Croker and McCann were brothers-in-law; they married the Frazer sisters, highly respectable ladies.

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